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This game is a remake of the text-based 1978 edition of the famous Oregon Trail game, played by the children of the 70's, 80's, 90's and (hopefully) you! 

This game simulates a trip over the Oregon Trail, a historic journey from Missouri in the United States to Oregon. Families across the country bought supplies, hopped on a wagon, and travelled the 2,400 miles to Oregon. However, the journey was no easy task, as food was scarce, illness was harsh, crime was high, and morale was low. Can YOU survive the trip?

This game is an early prototype for testing the idea of an Oregon Trail remake; if you liked its potential and want to see more of it, I will gladly update it and add things such as bandit attacks, illness, and more customization. Please comment below if you have played the game.

I am also creating a text-based horror game, so If you like that kind of stuff, please check out my profile here as the horror game will be released very soon (Late March 2020, or early April 2020)

This game is also available on Gamejolt here.

Thanks and have a nice day.

Install instructions

Install the .rar file and extract it to anywhere you want. Then, click on the .exe and you're playing the game!

Also read the READ_ME.txt file.


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